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Dr. Sachin Gupta (
Sachin Gupta
Ocularist and Facial Prosthetist
M.Opt, FAES (Aus)

Fellow LVPEI, Hyd
Fellow Okoris Intl,
Fellow AES, Perth, Australia
Member of OPAI,India
Member of IOA, India
Sachin Gupta is a well experienced ocularist with a deep understanding of the concerns of one eyed patients who are seeking a way to get rid of cosmetic blemish.
Ocularist Sachin Gupta clearly loves his job crafting artificial eyes. He has developed excellent skills and work extremely hard to fine-tune every small detail in the prosthetic eye to make it comfortable and lifelike.
Sachin Gupta has been awarded with best poster presentation award in Oculo-Plastic Association of India meet in Hyderabad. He has given many presentations in major National and International conferences. He has also conducted a workshop on the fabrication of ocular prosthesis in AIOC (All India Optometric Conference).
He is a life time member of Indian Optometry Association, Oculoplastic Association of India, CanKid, India, IACLE Australia, International Children?s Anophthalmia Network (ICAN), Retinoblastoma International, Canada, Art Eyes Group of supports, Australia.
Shreya Gupta (
Shreya Gupta
Ocularist and Facial Prosthetist

Fellow LVPEI, Hyd
Fellow Waikato,
New Zealand
Member of IAA, US
Member of IMPT, U.K.
Member of IOA, India
Shreya Gupta is a well trained ocularist working in the field of cosmetic rehabilitation of one eyed patients.
She also specializes in anaplastology (facial prosthetics and cosmetic restorations). This unique combination of skills enables her to make prosthetics that look as good as the natural eye. This perspective adds a new dimension to your care. Because She handles each step of the fitting process so you get the best in both appearance and function.
Her main interest lies in handling paediatric patients and in fabrication of orbital prosthesis. Shreya places her emphasis on the satisfaction and well-being of every patient. Her skill and expertise are equally matched by her personalized care for patients and attention to details. She is dedicated to the best.
She is a life time member of Indian Optometry Association, Oculoplastic Association of India, CanKid, India, Art Eyes Group of supports, Australia.
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106, First Floor, DDA Building 2,
Above Mc Donald, District Center,
Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058, India

Ph. 011- 25617585, +91- 9811397505

Email: [email protected]
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Its been a very good experience coming to Mr. Sachin?s clinic. I was going to other prosthetic centre earlier but must say its very nice here and the results and painting of eye is much better here. I wish him all the very best for the future.Jasdeep Singh, Chandigarh, India

Ambience location, cleanliness and approach to clinic is perfect.Mayur M. Saxena, New Delhi,India

He helped me to gain confidence on the first visit and educated me. I will say he is doing fabulous job in turning people?s life around. I am really thankful to him.Vivek Raha, Gurgaon, India

. Good clinic, Sachin is a very good Ocularist, very helpful. I feel good talking to him and discussing the problems. People are not aware of this kind of treatment so my suggestion is that you should try to make them aware by some means. One more thing is that if there is any new technology then by an e-mail you should inform your patients. May be they can go for new one also.Ms.Aliya Majeed, Srinagar, India

. Good clinic, Sachin is a very good He is excellent. I will encourage him to continue to maintain his standard of excellence.David, Nigeria

. Thanks Dr Sachin for the wonderful prosthesis. Frankly I came to you for the spare prosthesis since I was using my prosthesis from Aligarh. But I really appreciate your work and dedication. My new prosthesis looks more natural due to the fine details you have taken care. I am using the new one now and kept my old prosthesis as a spare. Thanks again n God Bless.S.P.Malhotra, Ajmer

. I was amazed and speechless when I saw myself in the mirror with the prosthesis. Its like impossible to explain how I was feeling after my surgery. I was like full of doubts and confusions in my mind. Sorry I could not appreciate you enough personally. I am back now at home and can face anyone with full of confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooooo much.Shivani Diwan, Bhopal

. Dear Shreya, it is like dream come true for me to have my life back. After the distracting surgery of my eye removal due to the melanoma, I should be capital almost hundred percent depressed with my look. No one can believe that I used bandage on my left eye for a whole year. I thank the doctor at Ganga Ram Hospital who referred me to you. You did a marvellous job. God bless you both. Keep doing good work.S.N.Tiwari, Banaras

. Dear Dr Gupta, firstly I want to thank you for your patience and kindness. I had so many questions in my mind regarding the prosthesis and I was scared to get it made. But you gave me time and answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to get the prosthesis made. Thank you so very much.Atul Dhama, New Delhi

. Before I met you I had lost all my self confidence and I was afraid to meet anyone in my family. I used to hide behind dark glasses all the time. After you made my prosthesis I feel much more confident about my look and don't hide anymore. Thank you so much for helping me find myself again.Prasad, Hyderabad

. It was a wonderful experience to visit your clinic. Just wanted to inform you that my father is now adapted his artificial eye. He is quite comfortable and happy with your work. I would like to thank you from the whole Joshi family.Neemuch, Rajasthan


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