No to Readymade Stock Stone Eyes

Readymade ocular prosthesis commonly known as stock artificial eyes are mass-produced in factories with prefixed size, shape and colors. These are not made for individuals so usually provided in bulk quantity or in a stock box. When the patient is present for stock artificial eye a clinician fit the stock eye after several trials from the stock box. Ideally, an ocular prosthesis should have same size, shape, sclera color, iris color, iris diameter, rightly placed to be in orthotropic position with other eye. It becomes almost impossible to find a stock eye which matches all these parameters altogether with the fellow eye. Therefore, there is always some compromise in look and fitting with RMOP. The advantage of fitting stock artificial eyes are they need less chair time to fit, easily available, cheap in cost and does not require any extra skill to fit. The disadvantage of stock artificial eyes is in majority of time it does not look like fellow eye. Since the stock artificial eyes are not prepared according to the individual’s socket so these are not very comfortable. Stock artificial eyes also cause collection of discharge in the socket so it becomes necessary to remove them in night. In long run this discharge or ill fitting of RMOP can also cause socket complications like socket contraction, lower lid laxity, lower lid ectropion or induced ptosis or upper lid. We strongly recomoned not tro use stock eyes as it can distort the shape of eye permanently.

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Shreya Gupta, Ocularist 

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