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Mucomycosis Black Fungus

As we all know or seen in news that post COVID mucormycosis is spreading in India. In one of its manREAD MORE

Prosthetic Eye

An artificial replacement of any part of the body is known as prosthesis. A prosthetic eye is also kREAD MORE

Spectacle Prosthesis

A spectacle prosthesis is one in which an orbital prosthesis made by either silicon or acrylic materREAD MORE

What is Scleral Shell

A scleral shell is a very thin prosthesis that is made for one-eyed patients with very less shrinkagREAD MORE

Ocular Prosthesis Known as Artificial Eye

Ocular prosthesis is prosthesis of the eye which is commenly known as artificial eye. There are two READ MORE

Artificial Eye Centre in Delhi India

Art Eyes is a custom made artificial eye center in Delhi. It is one of the leading centers of artifiREAD MORE

White Small Eyes!!

White Small Eyes or medically known as "Phthisis bulbi" is a small, shrunken, non-functionREAD MORE

No to Readymade Stock Stone Eyes

Readymade ocular prosthesis commonly known as stock artificial eyes are mass-produced in factories wREAD MORE

History of Prosthetic Eyes

Prosthetic eyes have a history that stretches back to at least 2,900 BC. Prosthetic eye materials anREAD MORE

Ideal Prosthetic Eye

Lets talk about What is Best Prosthetic Eye?  The basic principal of ideal ocular prosthesREAD MORE


Congenital Anophthalmos and Microphthalmos is a rare Birth Defect. Congenital anophthalmos is a condREAD MORE

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