Ocular Prosthesis

Ocular Prosthesis

Ocular Prosthesis is a prosthesis of the eye which is commonly known as an artificial eye. There are two types of ocular prosthesis –

  • 1) Readymade or stock eyes
  • 2) Custom made.

Readymade Prosthesis

readymade prosthesis is one that is made according to standard sizes and colors in factories. These are sold in bulk so that a trial and error can be done to find satisfactory results.

The patient is fitted with the prosthesis closest in size and color to the normal eye. But it becomes nearly impossible to find a stock eye which surprisingly matches in all parameters with other eye.

Sometime in one stock eye the size matches but the color does not match, in some stock eye the color matches but they are not in center. Stock eyes are temporary option which need frequent removal and cleaning.

Custom made Prosthesis:

Custom prosthesis are made after taking the impression of the affected eye and, the size, shape and centre are made according to the natural eye.

The colors are also matched and painted according to the patient’s Seeing Eye. When a custom made eye is made, the size, shape, lid contours, center of eye, size if iris, size of pupil, colour of iris, colour of sclera (white part of eye) etc. are matched according to the other eye.

A readymade prosthesis is used for short period of time and needs to be removed every night whereas a custom ocular prosthesis can be worn continuously for longer periods of time.

A custom ocular prosthesis is made of PMMA material that is a medical grade acrylic that is compatible with the body. Due to the use of PMMA, the custom ocular prosthesis is very comfortable for long wear. The maintenance of a custom ocular prosthesis is also very minimal and its care and handling is very minimal. A patient using custom Ocular Prosthetics is very comfortable and is able to do any activity as per their choice.

Art Eyes is leader in making of Custom Ocular Prosthetics and is well renowned in India as well the world. Art Eyes has a successful patient database of more than 8600 patients by end of the 2021. Art Eyes has its main labs in Delhi, Gurugram and Jaipur.

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