Scleral Shell

Scleral Shell in delhi, India

A scleral shell is a very thin prosthesis that is made for one-eyed patients with very less shrinkage of eye. Many times patients met with injury or due to some infection in the eye, the size of the eye is not much affected but eye becomes discolored. Such patients do not require surgical removal of the eye just only for cosmetic correction.

A conventional prosthetic eye cannot be fitted over such eye because they look too big. At Art Eyes we use scleral press method to make ultra thin scleral shell or Ultra thin prosthetic eye.

Usually patients who have any kind of eye injury leading to a condition called phthisis bulbi, also known as shrunken eye, are very good candidates for scleral shells. In many cases, when a large implant is put in the eye, the overall volume of the socket is very less. In such cases also a scleral shell can be fitted. A custom scleral shell is made by taking the impression of the patient’s eye socket. It is then painted according to the patient’s other eye and after multi stage polishing; it is dispensed to the patient.

It is made of medical grade acrylic (PMMA) material and is very safe and Bio-compatible. It is a very good option for one-eyed patients who have asymptomatic but non seeing eye that is either small, discolored or that does not look straight and if they want to avoid surgery.

Art Eyes specializes in making custom scleral shell for one-eyed patients. Art eyes is one of the leading manufacturers of custom scleral shell in Delhi, India.

Art eyes has its branches in New Delhi, Gurugram and Jaipur.

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