Microphthalmos Treatment

Microphthalmos Treatment in Delhi

Congenital Anophthalmos and Microphthalmos is a rare Birth Defect. Congenital anophthalmos is a condition where child is born with absence of one or both eyes. It is a developmental anomaly characterized by abnormal smallness of one or both eyes. Microphthalmos may range from mild, with a slightly small eyeball, to severe, with a vestigial eyeball associated with hypo plastic orbits and eyelids.

The goals of treatment for Microphthalmos are:

  • To enlarge the bony orbit
  • To enlarge the conjunctival space
  • To increase fissure length and
  • To promote normal development of the lid margins and lashes

The guiding principle is conservative therapy that is, avoiding surgery if at all possible, so that ocularisty can ultimately provide the optimum cosmetic results. The management of microphthalmos is very difficult. We at Art Eyes suggest that it is always better to start earlybecause socket tissues are soft and fornices can be expanded easily by putting custom conformers.Starting early also has the advantage of stimulating the growth of bony orbit and preventing the facial asymmetry. Gradually increasing Custom conformers known as socket expanders helps in expanding the bony socket, deepen the fornices, increasing the palpebral fissure and providing better cosmetic results. We have cases of Microphthalmos with folow up of 11 years. We started the treatment at the age of 6weeks of the patient, now she is 11 years old with almost no facial deformity. Infact vey less people know about her prsthetic eye due to timely managment of microphthalmos treatment in Delhi. for more information visit www.arteyesindia.com

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