Orbital Prosthesis India

Orbital Prosthesis in India

A spectacle prosthesis is one in which an orbital prosthesis made by either silicon or acrylic material mounted on a spectacle. Spectacle mounted prosthesis is recommended in cases with large ocular defects like in case of trauma or post exenteration, where large portion of eye and surrounding tissues have been removed due to large tumors.

An orbital prosthesis contains two parts – a silicon part which represents the skin portion of the prosthesis and an acrylic artificial eye that is fitted in the silicone prosthesis. This whole unit is then fitted onto a spectacle. In simple words, the patient wears the prosthesis by wearing the spectacle and when he removes the spectacle, the prosthesis is also removed.

In many cases a silicon prosthesis is usually worn for about 12-14 hours and is stuck onto the socket with the help of glue or adhesive. But in case of spectacle prosthesis the silicone prosthesis is attached to the spectacle thus the requirement to use glue is eliminated and the patient can wear for longer time as no glue is used.

The wear and tear of this spectacle prosthesis is less compared to glue fitted prosthesis thus increasing the life of the prosthesis. Art Eyes is a custom prosthetic lab in New Delhi and specializes in spectacle orbital prosthesis across India.

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