White Small Eyes!!

White Small Eyes or medically known as "Phthisis bulbi" is a small, shrunken, non-functional eye. Phthisis bulbi occurs because of severe ocular disease, trauma, accident, exposure to radiation, eye infection or inflammation. The severity of the disorder depends upon the type and depth of injury. The damage to structures within the eye from any of the above mentioned causes can eventually lead to eye atrophy. A custom ocular prosthesis gives very good outcome in case of phthisis bulbi as it helps in the augmentation of the total volume of the eye lost due to shrinkage of the eye. Custom ocular prosthesis are made after taking the impression of the eye socket so the weight of the prosthesis is evenly spread over the anterior surface of the affected eye and the chances of lower lid complications are very less. Thus providing the patient with good cosmetic result, comfort and ocular movement. Very good prosthesis movements can be achieved in case of phthisis bulbi if volume loss (shrinkage) is not more, fornices are deep enough and anatomy of orbital tissue is undisturbed.

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