Meet The Team

Team Art Eyes is group of specialist Ocularists who have many years of training, certification and experience in this profession. Art Eyes has served more than 7800 patients by end of Dec 2019. Art Eyes has treated patients from across thecountry and globe under medical tourism.

Meet The Team

Sachin Gupta

Ocularist & Anaplastologist

M.Opt, FAES (Aus), BCO

Board Certified Ocularist, (NEBO) USA

Fellow LVPEI, Hyd

Fellow Okoris Intl, Russia

Fellow AES, Perth, Australia

Member of OPAI,India

Member of IOA, India

Sachin Gupta is the founder and Clinical director of Art Eyes network ofprosthetic eye centers. He is a Board Certified Ocularist from America and he isthe 2 nd person in India to do so. He is a certified Anaplastologist in 3D modelingfrom Prague. He holds worldwide patent of ICT (Iris Crypts Technology) thelatest and probably the best technique of painting of artificial eye.

He has been working as an ocularist since 2006. During last 15 years, he has seenmore than 7800 patients so far for prosthetic eyes. He is a well-known ocularistin India for his exemplary work and craftsmanship. He has been appointed as avisiting faculty for research & training by L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.He is also Head Ocularist in C L Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, L J Eye Institute,Ambala, Royal Victoria Hospital, Kuwait.

Sachin Gupta founded “National Artificial Eye Services” in 2016 to serveeconomically week patients like cancer and acid victim patients. He has beenawarded best poster presenter award by Oculoplasty Association of India, BestOcularist award by Indian Medical Society. He is founding Secretary of “OcularistSociety of India”. He loves music, travelling, drawing and 3D Modeling in his freetime.


“I met Dr. Sachin to get my new cosmetic shell. I am amazed with his work andnever felt so comfortable of ease of handling or actually no handling of the shellthough I am using it for last 17 years from Aligarh. I found he has answers to all myquestions. I found he has great knowledge of his profession. Salute Dr. Sahib” -Sweety Tahiliani, Mumbai

Shreya Gupta

Ocularist & Anaplastologist


Fellow LVPEI, Hyd

Fellow Waikato, New Zealand

Member of IAA, US

Member of IMPT, U.K.

Member of IOA, India

Shreya Gupta is a well-trained ocularist working in the field of cosmeticrehabilitation of one eyed patients. She graduated from BVP, Pune andcompleted her fellowship from LVPEI, Hyd. She also did fellowship inanaplastology from Waikato, New Zealand.

She also specializes in anaplastology (facial prosthetics and cosmeticrestorations). This unique combination of skills enables her to make prostheticsthat look as good as the natural eye. This perspective adds a new dimension toyour care. Since she handles each step of the fitting process, you get the best inboth appearance and function.

Her main interest lies in handling paediatric patients and in fabrication of orbitalprosthesis. Shreya places her emphasis on the satisfaction and well-being ofevery patient. Her skill and expertise are equally matched by her personalizedcare for patients and attention to details. She is dedicated to the best.She is a life-time member of Indian Optometry Association, OculoplasticAssociation of India, CanKid, India, Art Eyes Group of supports, Australia.


“Dear Dr. Shreya, Thank you so much for your care and love to my son. We are sohappy with the artificial eye made by you for Aryan. After his surgery we werescared and had no clue about this treatment. We never thought to come across ofsuch treatment in our life. Your patience and love made us very comfortable duringthe treatment time. God Bless You” -Sarita Bhardwaj, New Delhi

Gopal Patanker

Ocularist & Contact Lens Specialist


Fellow of L V Prasad Eye Institute

Fellow of Art Eyes

Gopal Patanker is a fellow of India’s prestigious hospital L V Prasad Eye Institute.He is graduated in Optometry. He is a certified Ocularist and Specialist of ContactLenses. He is master in making Ultra Thin Scleral Shell. At present he is theincharge of Art Eyes Jaipur and a renowned Ocularist in Rajasthan and Punjab.

His ever smiling face and jolly nature makes patients feel comfortable and booststheir self confidence post fitting of prosthetic eye.


“We met Gopal Sir at Art Eyes in Jaipur. He explained the whole procedure ofmaking artificial eye in very simple language. During the whole procedure he wasvery polite. He took good care of my mother. We are really satisfied with thecosmetic appearance of my mother’s face after fitting the artificial eye” –Neeraj Jain, Ajmer

Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta is the Centre Head of Art Eyes who manages all the Art Eyes centres very professionally. She is mainly available at Art Eyes, Gurgaon. She pays strict attention to Quality, Care and Hygiene.

She was graduated from "Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan". Her hobbies are arts and craft, cooking and public interaction. She keeps the envirovent of Art Eyes fun to work in.

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